Intercultura: Salvatore Tucci in Canada

My Canadian life

I’ve been in Vancouver for three months and I can say that this city is awesome; here there are parks, mountains, museums, etc. The first thing I noticed is that here everyone is polite and very friendly. I’m studying English in EF (Education First); thanks to this association my English is getting better every day. Although at the beginning speaking English was a little bit troublesome for me, now my brain is getting used to thinking in English. When I arrived here, I was disoriented because I didn’t know what to do. Furthermore, my company lost my luggage and I did wait for one week before they gave it back to me. Fortunately, the school reception perked me up because since the first day everyone at school had been kind and willing. Their first advise was to make friends, otherwise I couldn’t enjoy my time in Vancouver. Going to school I met a lot of people from all over the word and with some of them I have very close relationships, I know I will always rely on them. During the classes we talk  about many different topics like environmental issues, current news, technology, etc. My teachers prefer cooperative learning rather than competitive and individual study; I really like this method and little by little I”m getting used to it. I wish I could continue my studies in Canada, but first I must finish my high school. Every day that goes by, I discover that living abroad makes you stronger and allows you to understand how the world works. Moreover, this experience teaches you how to become a citizen of the world; for instance, I learnt how to deal with daily problems alone. Being an International student is a huge responsibility towards yourself because you have to demonstrate your stubbornness and maturity. During this experience I learnt the  enormous importance of English; while in the past the illiterate was who didn’t know how to write and read, I strongly believe that in the future the illiterate will be  who doesn’t know how to speak at least two languages(including English). I also noticed that studying English does give you the possibility to understand the importance of Latin and Greek due to many similarities among these languages. I will never finish to tank my family for giving me the possibility to study here, for the love that they’re showing me every day and for believing in me. Finally, I’d love to thank my school because without them I couldn’t get the permission to study here.

By Salvatore Tucci – 4C

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