Intercultura: Maddalena Panetta in Norvegia


Dear teacher,

I hope that everything is good and that you`re enjoying your vacation. (Un)fortunately in Norway the school calendar is not the same: I have started the school in August, in October I had a week of vacation called “Høstferie“ and I went to my family`s hytta, the typical Norwegian house, the one with a sauna and made by wood. Fantastic!

By now it is two months and a half that I have been in Norway and I couldn`t imagine a better life. My family is so lovely and we have got a wonderful relationship. We always travel together and in a month they will take me to Kirkenes, the native city of my mother. And  try to guess: it`s the second city after Nordekapp in the North. So I`m going to see the north lights, the dark for all the day, the real and fantastic snow and to meet my grandmother! My mom said that we will take the plane and so I will see the north lights from it! I`m really looking forward.

In this time I`ve learnt to love a kind of completely different people: shier, colder. But now I know that when my classmates smile to me or say “Hvordan går det? Det går bra?”, they are sincere.

At immediate impact Norwegian people can seem yahoo. I remember that the first month of school I said hallo to them, but almost nobody said it back to me. It was a really cultural shock. But after a little they started to smile, to say hi and somebody to hug me.  I have also learnt to be happy of and with small things, and I have decided that my goal is to be happy for the rest of my life.

How is it going at school? Say hi to my lovely class and give them a hug!

Thank you for this opportunity,

Maddalena Panetta

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