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Giovedì, 27 Luglio 2017 20:23

Due settimane a Telford

Percorsi  formativi per soggiorni di studio ed in alternanza Scuola-Lavoro in mobilità internazionale

per gli studenti delle classi III e IV degli Istituti di Istruzione Secondaria di secondo grado della Regione Basilicata”.


 I progetti europei ci fanno più europei se entrano a far parte della nostra vita. L’esperienza di due settimane a Telford rimarrà nel nostro cuore e nella nostra mente, proprio come quei rari flash della nostra memoria che costituiscono i nostri preziosi ricordi. Questa volta un ricordo bellissimo! 
Il progetto europeo ha impegnato 18 alunni (12 del Liceo Classico e 6 del Liceo Artistico) e due docenti accompagnatori Proff. Maria Michela Papapietro e Giuseppina Riccardi nel periodo dal 25 settembre 2016 al 9 ottobre 2016 in un corso d’inglese teso a migliorare le competenze in Lingua Straniera. Gli alunni coinvolti, selezionati tra le classi terze delle due scuole, hanno in seguito in ottobre sostenuto gli esami di certificazione linguistica Cambridge PET e FCE con successo.


 The study-course at Telford Campus from 25th Sept. to 9th Oct. 2016 was quite an experience!!!
Certainly, for different and various reasons there will be great memories, lively visual images, mental snapshots we won’t be able to erase as we usually do on a board.
The long-distance coach journeys, the flights, the atmosphere at the airports, the early morning arrival, the short-lived flirtings there, or when the lovely and beautiful Nick Martin patiently waited for our arrival, trying to make the most of our stay from the beginning, while his eyes pricked with tears on our departure will permanently enlive our lonely hours.
But he was not alone shedding tears...the boys, the girls and Monika, too. Yes, it was all that and much more... All the teachers were there with us all the time, side by side Nick, Louise, Anastasia, Laiko, Dilwyn, Frank, Julie, Cecilia ...some where trying to share with us strange ideas like...insects will be part of our diet in the future or ... Brexit has been a terrible mistake ... or again the wonderful film in the Lecture Theatre ‘The Great Budapest Hotel’ ... or the rainy day during the visit to King’s College Chapel and the unforgettably long trip to London leisurely enjoying  our walks in the capital of freedoms and cultures.
Who will ever forget the latecomers for the lessons? Who will ever forget the noisy climbing  up and down the stairs at nighttime and the teachers trying to keep under control the teenagers’ energetic lives. What about Mr. Yardley congratulating us and shaking hands in the end, with a picture showing off the paper certificate which was not ours? But most of all...we will remember the greenness of the English landscape and the innumerable cups of tea, coffee around the place. We won’t forget either the sports grounds nearby, just for another score into the net, maybe to remind us that life can be enjoyed in the playing fields as well as in schoolwork sometimes. But England will ever be England...B1 or B2 that was the unsolved question! ? !
Prof.ssa  Maria Michela Papapietro

Lovely lines to you all readers :

This royal throne of kings, this sceptered isle,
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
This other Eden, demi-paradise,
This fortress built by Nature for her self
Against infection and the hand of war,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in a silver sea
Which serves it in the office of a wall
Or as a moat defensive to a house,
Against the envy of less happier lands,
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.

Shakespeare, ‘Richard II’

The day when we left for London everyone was excited to visit the city because for many of us that one was the first time in London.
We didn’t have enough time to spend in London, almost half a day, for sightseeing as much as possible. Some of us visited the National Gallery and the Tate Modern. Each building has a different architectural style. The atmosphere of the city was welcoming and clean, also the weather was mild, a bit windy and plenty of warm sunshine. Anyway, London is a city that you can’t claim to know just in a day!!!! It has a centennial history and a frantic, attractive life you can’t even imagine.
I hope to be back one day and to have plenty of time to leisurely walk around it to visit again what I saw and what I wasn’t able to.
Silvia Di Cecca - Liceo  Artistico

What impressed me during my stay in Telford was that we had a lot of free time to go shopping. It was amazing because I could talk to the shop assistants and I could improve English. I bought a lot of clothes : two t-shirts, some earrings, a scarf and some souvenirs.
The shopping centre was quite big and interesting. It was one of the most beautiful shopping centre that I have ever visited. I spent a lot of time at H&M with Elena, a girl from my school that I met at Telford Campus. But I also liked  other shops like Primark, Lush and Sport Direct. The prices were affordable in almost all the shops, too.
However, I went to Telford not only for the shopping but also to take the train to go to another wonderful city, Birmingham.
The railway station there was quite astonishing, enormous and thriving with people around as it was Saturday. I loved talking with my friends while the train was getting close. I suggest visiting Telford if you are near the city. I think it is a place that you can’t miss!
Bruna Marroccoli - Liceo Classico      IV B 

I particularly learnt that there are many different ways to improve our English skills. One of this is speaking: in Telford we had to speak in English to each other all the time if we wanted to have a conversation with our teachers or foreign students.
In the morning lessons we learnt many new words that made us speak with more confidence and allow others to understand us more. We often had some debates about different cultural topics such as the European Union and the recent referendum, Brexit.
We also learnt how to share campus spaces with other students within the premises, to move around the city as a group, to take part in group activities and most of all to experience true English culture and environment. Thanks to this study trip we’ve learnt and practised the English language skills we can use in everyday situations. Absolutely, it has been the first time we’ve learnt to live in another country with a different culture and especially with a different language.
Gabriel Dentamaro - Liceo Classico   IV B

By now I know much more about the English life as I went on a two-week English course to Telford. In the morning we attended sort of ‘cultural’ lessons. We learnt more about the typical English manners and the most important periods in English history.
We also talked about traditional dishes in the country (scones, Sunday roast, etc.) In the afternoon we could choose to attend two different courses : Media and Broadcasting or Art and Design.
During the second week, we were aiming to prepare ourselves for the final presentation. Each group had chosen a topic to present as their own ‘finished language  product’. So our preparation was not included in a traditional lesson. However, the lessons were useful to improve English. Actually, they gave us more familiarity with their culture and so we felt part with their own lifestyle. It was an amazing experience !!!!!!!!  
Elisa  Menabue - Liceo Artistico

When we went to Blist Hill, we visited its living museum. It was modeled on a Victorian town, with people dressed in period clothes. When we arrived, we ate fish and chips (a horrible, smelly portion!) but most of us didn't enjoy it! Then we had to play a game asking shop owners questions to understand how people used to live during that time. After an hour and a half, we met all together at the meeting point. We had a great time, because we felt as though we had jumped into the past and it was also our chance to stay longer with our new friends.
Lucia Maddalena - Liceo Classico  IV  B

The other friends at the campus were so fantastic!!  I also made friends with some lovely boys and girls from Moliterno. I had a lot of fun with them, and when we said goodbye I was  really sad. I spent most of my time with a girl from my school called Bruna -  she's really funny and chatty. We have similar hobbies, so we really enjoyed our time together. I also met Monica and Nick, the former  a nice Spanish young woman, the latter our English teacher - they were our tutors and organized all the activities in the afternoon, in the evening and on our trips outside of Telford.
Elena Turco - Liceo Classico        IV A

It all starts somewhere: you pack your suitcase, you say goodbye to your family and friends you forget at least three things that are important and you get aboard a plane to fly away from what you have known as home your whole life and ... in a blink ...you have to discover the world outside.
Being an exchange student has helped me a lot: I’ve learnt how to interact with people with totally different ideas and this has given me a better understanding of my own ideas and culture. I’ve developed the ability to speak another language but most importantly I’ve learnt to face problems and solve them by myself.
I was one of the lucky few to have a two-week English course experience in Telford. I think ‘ the best education you’ll ever get is travelling - nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences.’ The lesson I’ve learnt here will stay with me forever. In 3 months I will be an exchange student again: I will leave for Toronto and be there for six months I can’t wait to set off for a new adventure!
Mariangela  Colangelo - Liceo Classico   IV  A

Something different. First of all, I have to admit that I really appreciated  this opportunity , although there was something that could have been done better. For example, I didn’t like our Sunday London trip. Well, London is always London : amazing, glamorous and multiethnic. The only problem was the timetable : how can you visit such a great metropolis like London in just 4 hours? London is the new ‘Babylon’, it’s so captivating because of its eccentricities, and yes…a bad day in London is still better than a good one anywhere else.
So the trip was really cool, less the organization!
Also, I would have liked to speak more English with ‘Shropshide Lads’ or just with foreign students!’
Speaking Italian with Italian students in Telford was quite useless.
Giuseppe Sambogna - Liceo Classico   IV  A


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